The Meudwy Flock was established in 1988 with particular emphasis on conformation, teeth and colour whilst still remaining true to type.

Foundation Ewes were purchased from the Towyn Flock with Rams used from Allerby, Ty-Gwyn, Hafrena and Shrewbridge (see sire references).

Sire Reference

Stock Ram

  • 006

    Shrewbridge 3114Z5. Sired by below -


    Champion & Top Price Builth Wells. Bred and Exhibited by Huw Frances, Plas-y-Ward Purchased for 3,600 to S.Harding, Shrewbridge Sire of lamb below

Ty Gwyn Thomas 1458 / J1

  • Ty-gwyn Thomas 01
  • Ty-gwyn Thomas 02

Hafrena 2834/T1

  • Haffrena01
  • Haffrena02

Sire: Ty-Gwyn 1458/M7 Sire of Dam: Allerby 1224/E1


Current Stock Ram 2011

Craig-yr-Orsedd 3363/C1 Elite+
Sire: Cernwy Y1
Dam by: Scrainwood T29


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